Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review - Face Atelier Ultra Foundation.

I recently received my Pro Membership with Face Atelier for that reason I decided to try a few of their products. The items that I purchased were the following: Ultra Foundation Pro in #4 Sand, Ultra Camouflage Duet in Medium and Ultra Blush in Tangerine.

This time we will be discussing the Ultra Foundation.
Let's begin by providing the information the site offers:

The heart and soul of FACE atelier – an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control. Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long. Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish. No primer needed! It's built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula. Another bonus - it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish.

Got those “I can never find my shade” foundation blues? Only FACE atelier allows you to infinitely adjust your foundation shade. Add a drop of Zero Plus or revolutionary Zero Plus Plus to go a shade darker, or a splash of Zero Minus to lighten. Superstar Heat adds warmth, transforming shades before your very eyes.

I began testing this foundation at 10:30 am with my entire makeup regimen. (MAKE SURE TO SHAKE the life out of this bottle).
1:00 pm my face looks beautiful, completely done.
3:00 pm I had a bridal day makeup and was placed in a hot and humid environment, at this point I was in fear to look in the mirror:-s.
4:00 pm finished the bridal appointment and looked in the mirror; shine was showing around my t-zone area, mostly my forehead. I touched up with some loose powder.
5:30 pm touched up once again since we were going to my brides wedding, retouched the liner and lipstick.
9:00 pm went home and entertained my brother and sister-in-law. No more touching up needed.
12:30 am took off my makeup! My makeup looked quite good!

Wow, so this makeup lasted me a good 14 hours with powder touch ups and again mostly in my forehead.

Now let’s talk about Price:
There are two bottles for this foundation the PRO Bottle at $32.00 for 0.68 oz. (Without Discount) and the Regular sized bottle at $45.00 for 1 oz.

My Thoughts...

For the most part I liked this foundation, it is super easy to apply and blend and yet it stands humidity and hot weather, and in Houston we get a lot of that! Not just that, this foundation is mixed with primer so this saves me a couple of minutes from the face routine.

Now let's get real...
In my experience I found this foundation to be good but I do have one con, this foundation provides a beautiful dewy finish but if you tend to be combination to oily (like me), this may not be the best foundation for you if you do not like to touch up.  Now yes, it does applybeautifully without using powder, it does give a nice dewy finish, unfortunately, this is not something that I would recommend if you have oily, combination skin or if you do not like the dewy finish.

Nevertheless, I would recommend to a bride ONLY if they have dry to combination skin or those who don’t mind touching up with powder from time to time. Usually the dewy look, although quite beautiful, may look like a hot mess on someone who has oily skin.   In photographs, the light would reflect out of those areas of the face that have excess oil.

Now, If you have dry skin, I believe this would be a great product to purchase for "Special Occasions". Why special occasions? This product is not cheap and I believe there are other equal alternatives out there that can offer more bang for your buck.
Now, let’s discuss pores, I did notice some reduction in my pores, but then again I don’t suffer from large pores.

Fine lines, I have a few lines under my eyes, and I did noticed good coverage and my lines were not as noticeable. The only thing I did do is that after a few hours (4) my undereye area began creasing a bit, so what I did was massage gently my under eye area (to refill)and set with powder. After setting my under eye area with powder, I notices less flexibility of the product and lasted the rest of the day without any touch ups.

To finish, I purchased the Pro bottle that includes 0.68 oz. for the price of $32.00. I had to shake this foundation very well, since the particles in this foundation tend to separate (like airbrush foundation). I heard from other people that 3 pumps will do it. In my case, I suffer from allergic reactions in my jaw area which causes redness, I used 4 pumps from my inner face and mixed 1 pumps of Zero Plus Plus (and 2 pump of Sand) for my outer face. I will explain this in another post, but for the most part, the darker shade is used to contour and shade. Every face is different and it also depends on the coverage you would like to acquire. Since I knew I was going to a wedding that evening, and due to a bad allergic reaction the day before, I used a bit more product than usual.
Since the initial test, I have used the foundation five other times and for my face and skin, the results have been about the same. The only way you will know if this foundation is the best fit for your needs and likes is to purchase a sample. Face Atelier sales samples for $1; unfortunately shipping is more than the samples. What I would do, is get together with a bunch of girlfriends and order a few samples this way shipping can be divided by all :)
I hope you enjoyed this entire process as much as I did. Feel free to ask questions or if you have tried this foundation, please let me know your thoughts and results.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cleopatra Halloween Makeup - Step by Step.

Hello, this is a very easy and fun look you can use for this Halloween.  This will be the final look using Gold Colors.

Let's Begin: 
We can either begin with moisturizing and priming our face/ foundation or leave the foundation towards the end to eliminate fall out.

You will use a primer or base for your entire lids, I used MACS paint pot in  Soft Ochre.

Using Black Track Fluid line from MAC you will line your eye and extend the end in a very straight line.  Extend it past the end of your eye, this look is a bit extreme.

Using a cream eye liner you will rim the inner top and bottom water line.  I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in OL.  Once done this step, dry the tip of your liner since you will begin tracing the roundness of your eye.   you will begin with the inner corner and lightly trace the crease up and towards the end of the line you made with the gel liner, remember to follow the roundness of your eye.  Once you like the outcome, trace a straight line and connect it to the black track fluid line.  Do this smoothly and lightly.  You can go over and over until you are comfortable with the intensity.   Finally grab your favorite black shadow and a pencil brush or eye liner brush and stamp the color on each section that you used the liner, this will set the color and allow long lasting results. 

Using a Mac 239 Brush or a flat shader brush you will grab either the gold color in this case Make Up For Ever Metal Powder in 1 or a blue base as Make Up For Ever color case in blue.  You will use the 239 and pat on the product, what do I mean pat on? well you will just put pressure to your brush and the product, don't circle or swerve too much because doing so will release a lot of powder.   You want to pack on the product not dust it in.  
If you are doing the blue look, then you will pack on the blue color base, if you don't have a blue color base you can use a blue cream liner and lightly warm in your finger and with your finger lightly pat on the product.   Once you do this step then grab your favorite blue color, or in my case I used a mixture of Ben Nye's Cosmic Blue and MAC's sea and sky eyeshadow.  Intensify to your liking by packing on the product, remember lightly pat the brush on the product do not swerve or circle too much. 

If you feel that the colors mixed with the black liner then just repeat the liner & the black shadow.
If you decided to do your eyes first then foundation go ahead and do your foundation and concealer now, and set it with a loose powder for long lasting results.

Next, you will use your favorite contour color, usually a shade or two darker than yours, unless you want to be extreme like me and I used 3 shades darker.  I usually begin with a highlight, for this look , I used the same metal powder as in the Gold look.  Here I am using a MAC's 109 (I believe its discontinued)  to tap on some of that color in top of my cheekbones.  Then i cleaned off the brush really good and used MAC's shade in Blunt to contour.  Using a dust of NARS orgasm blusher, I popped that in top of the contour area and below my highlight, very lightly.   

Using these two brushes, or any alike, brush your brows and fill them in.  I used MAC's Blunt mixed with Carbon.  I focused on sharp brows, and extended my natural brows to exaggerate it a bit.  I start by lightly lining the top of my brown, define the arch and then with what is left of the brush bring down to fill in the remainder of the brow.  Then, grab some more product and lightly line the bottom. 

I used a gold like lipgloss by NYX called 24k then dusted Make Up For Ever Metal powder in 1 on top of the gloss.  

I used some flare lashes from forever21 which give a flirty look to the eyes, and the diamonds on these lashes give it the final touch. 

To finalize, here is a shot of the products used for these looks:

Please let me know if you use this look :)
Have a safe and fun Halloween :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recent Bridal Work...

I have been a bit MIA lately, I have been playing hard and working harder... but it is time to show a bit of love and attention to this blog. I am posting a few pictures of work, I will be updating this blog as more work and photos are provided.

I want to thank the beautiful ladies who I had the pleasure of working with lately. It was truly a pleasure to meet you all and it was great gratification working with each of you. With that said lets bring a few pictures in this post :) Enjoy!

Melissa & Daniel's Wedding

Another beautiful bride I had the pleasure of meeting.
 Melissa, I wish you and your husband a beautiful life together full of love and respect for one another! 

These great shots were provided by a very talented photographer that I had the pleasure of meeting.  Joanna has a way of seeing things and putting her own stamp on her work. She takes the time to know her clients and learn what would fit them best, please contact her at: Joanna Garcia Photography

Friday, October 22, 2010

To all my Coach & Beauty Lovers.....

According to my sources, Estee Lauder will be having this Makeup Gift Sets for Holiday 2010. The pre-sale will begin one to two weeks before December (rumors claim Black Friday).  Also, I was told that the set will be $35 ea. with a Fragrance purchase. 

This Limited Edition coach Set will be available in 3 colors: Gold, Silver and Red.

Estee Lauder Gold Gift Set – Limited Edition
Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 makeup gift set 1 Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Makeup Gift Sets
Includes the following products:
  • Star Waterfront Perfect Palette
  • Pure Color Crystal Lipstick – Compact Edition
  • Pure Color Crystal Lip Gloss – Compact Edition
  • Creative Professional Eye liner Pen – Compact Edition
  • Professional Retractable Powder Brush
  • Professional Telescopic Eye Shadow Brush
  • Golden Coach makeup bag – Limited Edition
Estee Lauder Silver Gift Set – Limited Edition
Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 makeup gift set 2 Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Makeup Gift Sets
Includes the following products:
  • Star Waterfront Perfect Palette
  • Pure Color Crystal Lipstick – Compact Edition
  • Pure Color Crystal Lip Gloss – Compact Edition
  • Creative Professional Eye liner Pen – Compact Edition
  • Professional Retractable Powder Brush
  • Professional Telescopic Eye Shadow Brush
  • Silver Coach makeup bag – Limited Edition

Estee Lauder Red Gift Set – Limited Edition
Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 makeup gift set 4 Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Makeup Gift Sets
Includes the following products:
  • Star Waterfront Perfect Palette
  • Pure Color Crystal Lipstick – Compact Edition
  • Pure Color Crystal Lip Gloss – Compact Edition
  • Creative Professional Eye liner Pen – Compact Edition
  • Professional Retractable Powder Brush
  • Professional Telescopic Eye Shadow Brush
  • Red Coach makeup bag – Limited Edition

 Take a look @ and tell me what you  like :)  Enjoy !

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mascaras !!!

A Mascara is a cosmetic used to darken, colour, thicken, lengthen, or define eyelashes. So I have put a few to the ultimate test.

A while back some one had asked me to please give her some feedback on mascaras so what follows is my most honest opinion.  

Are some drugstore brand better than the most higher end brands?? watch out MAC and UD! Here we go.............

I will begin with some drug store brands and work my way up to the high end cosmetics.

 The MAX Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara
 It Claims and I quote, "Exclusive 'Lash Expand’ formula with collagen thickens lashes, while keratin helps to make them stronger, sleeker and shinier. This mascara features our BIGGEST BRUSH EVER with unique ‘Perfect Fit’ technology for perfect loading of each lash. Combined with a quick setting formula that dries in a flash, there isn't a clump in sight. Lashes are pumped to 14X more volume. Go from skinny to fat in 10 SECONDS FLAT."

I was not impressed at all, this mascara is supposed to be water proof yet it would smear on some of the hottest (and Humid) days when it should of stayed in place with out smearing.  I did not notice any difference in volume, although I would always curl my lashes before and after the mascara, they never seemed as though I curled them, they would remain completely flat.  I used it one time without the my eyelash curler and I think it worked a bit better, but then again they looked the same way my eyelashes looked before putting on mascara.  The brush was the only thing I liked from this mascara, yet, the actual product seemed to weight my lashes down.  
Would I recommend?  Not this time.

Maybelline's XXL Pro Curl Waterproof

 This product claims  the following information:
  • Step 1: Curls to a 30° angle
  • Step 2: Provides 12-hour hold
  • Waterproof; also available in Washable
  • Contact lens safe
  • Ophthalmologist Tested 
This is one that I truly loved ! I give it a super high rating!! I love the fact that is a two step system, the first primes and lengthens your lashes and then the second, you place a top coat of product.  I completely love this mascara, one of those few that I have been waiting for and can be purchased at a drugstore !!   I can even use this mascara without curling my lashes !! and they look beautiful!! now when I do curl my lashes people think I am wearing a strip of lashes.  
Would I recommend? Yes ! definitely try this one out, I think you will be very pleased with your purchase and all for less than $10, what more can you ask for??

Now let me review another brand of mascara that was purchased online from a makeup line called Medusa's Makeup.  I will be doing a detailed review on this line of cosmetics, which although the prices are descent, not all of their products have great pay out.

Medusa's Makeup Mascara

4 amazing "electric" mascara
Black Magic               Blue Blood                   Majestic                    Envy

Obviously this is not your every day mascara (apart from the black magic shade) but this is a good touch for a fun look you may want to try out.  I used the Majestic mascara a few times on different clients, and the pay out was reasonable, yet they did report color fading after a few hours.  By itself you will not really find a big difference on your lashes other than the color.  You will need to curl your lashes with this item.
Would I recommend? this is not a hurry-up-and-get-deal, you can wait a while for this product, if in fact you would like to try it.

Now to my high end cosmetics.... 

Lets begin with the one I didn't like, MAC's Zoom Lash Mascara, since you read my review from the Rimmel mascara, I can say it is the same exact thing!  

 Zoom Lash

MAC's website claims that its major drama, will last all day, creamy ............... Did not look dramatic, did not hold on well, even after having the lashes curled, runs and smears easily (not water proof) and although you think you took it off well before going to bed, don't be surprised if you wake up in the morning and find your self with dark circles under your eyes.
Will I buy again? not in a million years!

Finally to the high end mascara's I recommend....

MAC's Splashproof Lash, the site claims " Waterproof. Thickens and lengthens. Made for sports and high emotions. Delivers natural-looking definition in one coat. Keeps lashes silky, soft, flexible. Brush tapers to evenly coat each lash, even at the inner corner of the eye. Smudge resistant".  

 Splashproof Lash
I agree, this mascara is so good ! I loved the way my lashes look, of course, after curling them and placing a second coat.  The only thing that I did notice is that, again, you may think you did a fabulous job taking off the mascara, come to find out the following morning that you have dark circles under your eyes.  Would I recommend for purchase? Sure !! Try it out.

Finally !!! one of my Favorites, which I ran out a while back and replaced it with the XXL Pro Curl by Maybelline, but will be buying again.....

Urban Decay's Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara
Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara

Our Love It or Leave It GUARANTEE
UD's Site Claims "Reach new heights with our drastically improved, six-in-one Skyscraper Mascara. Our innovative formula will lengthen, strengthen, separate, curl, brighten and thicken your lashes without even a hint of clumping or flaking. The state-of-the-art, new generation brush features a flexible shaft and multiple rows of tapered bristles to comb through lashes from root to tip. Skyscraper gives you that “come hither” look that gets ‘em every time

And don’t even think about sacrificing the well being of your delicate lashes to a harsh product. Not a chance! The multi-benefit formula actually nourishes lashes. Luxe ingredients like Panthenol and vegetal ceramids condition and strengthen. Silk protein protects, and Vitamins C and E serve as powerful antioxidants. Filming agents even encourage a gentle curling. Lashes are long, strong, and feather-soft

The velvety soft-touch tube might be the sexiest of all: jet black and wrapped in a hand-drawn, purple foil design, you’ll love to pull this beauty out of your makeup bag." 

Yes, it does that and more, the brush is very flexible that you can get so close to the root and get all the little lashes in the inner corners!! I do love this mascara! but the only downfall is the price, this is pricey! retail price of $22.  I know its a bit pricey but this one I will be buying very soon!  On the up again, UD does offer a Love it or Leave it guarantee, so if you don't like it, just send it back ;)

Okay, so this is my review of the few mascara's that I currently own, all less than 3 months old!  please replace your Mascara regularly to prevent eye infections and some other yucky things...

I hope you all enjoyed my reviews, again, all of these items were purchased by me, none were given to me to promote.  Try them out and let me know what you think!  I apologize for the length, spelling & grammar and punctuation, it is almost 1 am...  until the next time!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kandee Johnson's Glaminar Review...

(click on the link above to take you to Kandee's blog)

Houston was lucky enough to receive celebrity Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson for one of her exciting Glaminar seminars.  I was even more lucky to receive the opportunity to attend.  The Glaminar was hosted in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Houston on August 28, 2010.

The day started bright and early, battling the alarm clock that did not go off !  Thank Goodness for Nancy who sent me a text at 6:30 am to make sure I was awake.  I got in the shower, got ready and began driving towards a new experience.   I arrived and two FB friends (Nancy & Danny) where already there checking people in, as well as a third friend I made that Day, Michelle.  I helped out the little that I could, and waited impatiently for the seminar to begin. 

Mrs. Shannon, Kandee's Beautiful-Mom-that-looks-like-her-sister, came on stage and informed us that Kandee had a few complications, but thankfully it was nothing to worry about, so a few minutes later she came on stage.
I can honestly say that this was a great, life changing experience for me.   I felt as though my Lord had allowed me to open my eyes and see how short our life can be... I wont say that I will never feel frustration or stress, but I know that regardless of those obstacles, I will always count my blessings, follow my dreams and give thanks to the Lord.  Although Kandee shared many tips of her success and how to be successful in this field, she shared with us much more than that, she shared with us some of her most memorable heart touching experiences.  We laughed a lot, and some of us cried too, but aside from the smiles and tears we all felt bonded to one another that day. 

I really do recommend any one who is thinking about attending, Kandee provides all of the tools you need to begin your MUA career or in other cases to build a successful business.  I will continue to take more workshops that were recommended by Kandee, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future! 

Any questions? feel free to ask :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beauty Reviews.... Benefit Cosmetics...

Hello everyone !! This is my first blog review !!! 

So, browsing online ( I found this set from benefit cosmetics.   I have been wanting to try out these different items so when I found this set for $10 !! I had to buy it.  BTW it is still for that price and it is an online exclusive. 

The Set includes: 
.09 OZ Stay Don't Stray (eye primer)
.11 Erase Paste in Medium (concealer)
.11 Crease-less cream shadow in RSVP

To begin this is my experience with this items, they were purchased by my own means and is my most honest opinion on these items.  Now lets get down to business! 

1. The Stay don't stray eye primer!  I love it ! I seriously like this more than the the too faced shadow insurance primer.  I have not place them to the max test but will soon and I will post pictures of the process.  I can say that for me its the same quality of Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion.  I can even extend that for me, it is a bit better since it gives more of a nude canvas to work with.  I love having a clean, smooth canvas to let my imagination loose.  

2. Erase Paste concealer, another two thumbs up!  I like the fact that this concealer is very creamy so I am able to place it within the finest lines under the eye, now caution, since it is creamy I have to set it very well with a translucent powder, which can be the down fall of this product.  Compared to other concealers I do find that the Erase Paste tends to some what fade or run, but it is to expect since I do have oily skin.  Again, every so many hours I make sure to pat on some more translucent powder under my eyes, after blotting the oil with a tissue.  This way it can have longer lasting effects. 

3. Crease-less cream shadow in RSVP.  For this product, I will give a 4.0 stars (out of 5), which for me its not a completely love.  Why you may ask?  well for me it was the color, but overall the product is good!!  RSVP is very shimmery which can be really cute on special occasions or alike, but for my daily use I prefer more of a matte finish.  To give some background, I have oily skin so usually I keep shimmers to a minimum, I do not want to draw attention to what can be confused as oil around my t-zone.  Now, I can say that I have used this product as a Primer!! and it has maintain the shadows from fading!!!  For that reason it was a 4 star product.  
Thank you all so much for reading this quick review and I will be adding a few more since I have purchased so many items which I need to give my two cents on ;).  Also, if there are any items out there which you would like me to review, let me know :)

Wish you all happiness, success and love !  Keep your faith high in the one who created us and everything else will fall into place! 

Claudia Elizabeth.