Monday, August 16, 2010

Beauty Reviews.... Benefit Cosmetics...

Hello everyone !! This is my first blog review !!! 

So, browsing online ( I found this set from benefit cosmetics.   I have been wanting to try out these different items so when I found this set for $10 !! I had to buy it.  BTW it is still for that price and it is an online exclusive. 

The Set includes: 
.09 OZ Stay Don't Stray (eye primer)
.11 Erase Paste in Medium (concealer)
.11 Crease-less cream shadow in RSVP

To begin this is my experience with this items, they were purchased by my own means and is my most honest opinion on these items.  Now lets get down to business! 

1. The Stay don't stray eye primer!  I love it ! I seriously like this more than the the too faced shadow insurance primer.  I have not place them to the max test but will soon and I will post pictures of the process.  I can say that for me its the same quality of Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion.  I can even extend that for me, it is a bit better since it gives more of a nude canvas to work with.  I love having a clean, smooth canvas to let my imagination loose.  

2. Erase Paste concealer, another two thumbs up!  I like the fact that this concealer is very creamy so I am able to place it within the finest lines under the eye, now caution, since it is creamy I have to set it very well with a translucent powder, which can be the down fall of this product.  Compared to other concealers I do find that the Erase Paste tends to some what fade or run, but it is to expect since I do have oily skin.  Again, every so many hours I make sure to pat on some more translucent powder under my eyes, after blotting the oil with a tissue.  This way it can have longer lasting effects. 

3. Crease-less cream shadow in RSVP.  For this product, I will give a 4.0 stars (out of 5), which for me its not a completely love.  Why you may ask?  well for me it was the color, but overall the product is good!!  RSVP is very shimmery which can be really cute on special occasions or alike, but for my daily use I prefer more of a matte finish.  To give some background, I have oily skin so usually I keep shimmers to a minimum, I do not want to draw attention to what can be confused as oil around my t-zone.  Now, I can say that I have used this product as a Primer!! and it has maintain the shadows from fading!!!  For that reason it was a 4 star product.  
Thank you all so much for reading this quick review and I will be adding a few more since I have purchased so many items which I need to give my two cents on ;).  Also, if there are any items out there which you would like me to review, let me know :)

Wish you all happiness, success and love !  Keep your faith high in the one who created us and everything else will fall into place! 

Claudia Elizabeth.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beginning of August and upcoming plans...

I woke up this morning to realize that this summer is almost gone.  Soon I will have to get the ball going for my last semester at UH.  Exciting thoughts cross my mind, yet, at the same time, some fear strikes me.  "What will I do next?" After graduation, what is next?  I guess I have this entire semester to think about it...

Yesterday, I confirmed my assistance to a seminar hosted by one of my favorite MUA, I can't wait, I think this experience will be life changing for me.  This will be a good step for my part-time MUA career.  I am so excited, words are not sufficient to describe the feeling. 

I have a full schedule this week!  I have a pre-makeup session tomorrow for a Quinceañera, we will be choosing natural shades and colors to give this beautiful young woman a sparkle without covering her youth.  I have wondered at times why is it that young teens want to look older than their age. 

I think the perfect look for a Sweet 16th or a Quinceañera would be the look of natural young beauty and not overdoing their makeup by extreme shadows and countouring.  What is the rush to grow?  The older you get the more you realize how hard life is and how much we need to do to keep afloat. 

I have a MU session on Saturday for another Quinceañera.  I am really excited to work with young women who at times tend to be insecure of their image.  I believe God had a reason for me to study Psychology and work as an MUA, I tend to use a lot of my learned studies in the work place, where is definitely needed :). 

I will be posting pics soon from this upcoming events, thanks for stopping by :)

Good day & God Bless !