Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review - Face Atelier Ultra Foundation.

I recently received my Pro Membership with Face Atelier for that reason I decided to try a few of their products. The items that I purchased were the following: Ultra Foundation Pro in #4 Sand, Ultra Camouflage Duet in Medium and Ultra Blush in Tangerine.

This time we will be discussing the Ultra Foundation.
Let's begin by providing the information the site offers:

The heart and soul of FACE atelier – an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control. Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long. Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish. No primer needed! It's built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula. Another bonus - it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish.

Got those “I can never find my shade” foundation blues? Only FACE atelier allows you to infinitely adjust your foundation shade. Add a drop of Zero Plus or revolutionary Zero Plus Plus to go a shade darker, or a splash of Zero Minus to lighten. Superstar Heat adds warmth, transforming shades before your very eyes.

I began testing this foundation at 10:30 am with my entire makeup regimen. (MAKE SURE TO SHAKE the life out of this bottle).
1:00 pm my face looks beautiful, completely done.
3:00 pm I had a bridal day makeup and was placed in a hot and humid environment, at this point I was in fear to look in the mirror:-s.
4:00 pm finished the bridal appointment and looked in the mirror; shine was showing around my t-zone area, mostly my forehead. I touched up with some loose powder.
5:30 pm touched up once again since we were going to my brides wedding, retouched the liner and lipstick.
9:00 pm went home and entertained my brother and sister-in-law. No more touching up needed.
12:30 am took off my makeup! My makeup looked quite good!

Wow, so this makeup lasted me a good 14 hours with powder touch ups and again mostly in my forehead.

Now let’s talk about Price:
There are two bottles for this foundation the PRO Bottle at $32.00 for 0.68 oz. (Without Discount) and the Regular sized bottle at $45.00 for 1 oz.

My Thoughts...

For the most part I liked this foundation, it is super easy to apply and blend and yet it stands humidity and hot weather, and in Houston we get a lot of that! Not just that, this foundation is mixed with primer so this saves me a couple of minutes from the face routine.

Now let's get real...
In my experience I found this foundation to be good but I do have one con, this foundation provides a beautiful dewy finish but if you tend to be combination to oily (like me), this may not be the best foundation for you if you do not like to touch up.  Now yes, it does applybeautifully without using powder, it does give a nice dewy finish, unfortunately, this is not something that I would recommend if you have oily, combination skin or if you do not like the dewy finish.

Nevertheless, I would recommend to a bride ONLY if they have dry to combination skin or those who don’t mind touching up with powder from time to time. Usually the dewy look, although quite beautiful, may look like a hot mess on someone who has oily skin.   In photographs, the light would reflect out of those areas of the face that have excess oil.

Now, If you have dry skin, I believe this would be a great product to purchase for "Special Occasions". Why special occasions? This product is not cheap and I believe there are other equal alternatives out there that can offer more bang for your buck.
Now, let’s discuss pores, I did notice some reduction in my pores, but then again I don’t suffer from large pores.

Fine lines, I have a few lines under my eyes, and I did noticed good coverage and my lines were not as noticeable. The only thing I did do is that after a few hours (4) my undereye area began creasing a bit, so what I did was massage gently my under eye area (to refill)and set with powder. After setting my under eye area with powder, I notices less flexibility of the product and lasted the rest of the day without any touch ups.

To finish, I purchased the Pro bottle that includes 0.68 oz. for the price of $32.00. I had to shake this foundation very well, since the particles in this foundation tend to separate (like airbrush foundation). I heard from other people that 3 pumps will do it. In my case, I suffer from allergic reactions in my jaw area which causes redness, I used 4 pumps from my inner face and mixed 1 pumps of Zero Plus Plus (and 2 pump of Sand) for my outer face. I will explain this in another post, but for the most part, the darker shade is used to contour and shade. Every face is different and it also depends on the coverage you would like to acquire. Since I knew I was going to a wedding that evening, and due to a bad allergic reaction the day before, I used a bit more product than usual.
Since the initial test, I have used the foundation five other times and for my face and skin, the results have been about the same. The only way you will know if this foundation is the best fit for your needs and likes is to purchase a sample. Face Atelier sales samples for $1; unfortunately shipping is more than the samples. What I would do, is get together with a bunch of girlfriends and order a few samples this way shipping can be divided by all :)
I hope you enjoyed this entire process as much as I did. Feel free to ask questions or if you have tried this foundation, please let me know your thoughts and results.